Specialty Dentistry Solutions For You And Your Family

Dentistry provides you a variety of specialized solutions. Each is unique and gives you comfort during treatment, preventive care, and support for your necessary procedure.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early Detection That Protects You and Your Family’s Health
An oral cancer screening helps eliminate a risk to your health. Thousands annually are diagnosed with oral cancer.
Early detection is essential. It offers you the best hope for treatment success.
A simple, in-office screening can spot the earliest symptoms that could potentially threaten your health. Dr. Chan will check your entire mouth including your tongue, lips, cheeks, and neck for any abnormal tissue.

Sleep Apnea

Enjoy More Restful Sleep
Sleep apnea is a condition that causes an interruption in your breathing during sleep. Each episode can happen numerous times throughout your sleep cycle and last between 10 to 20 seconds per occurrence.
Symptoms of sleep apnea include chronic snoring, choking or gasping, feelings of tiredness during waking hours, headaches, and more. Dental solutions such as an oral appliance can help those who cannot use a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device (especially if you struggle with using one) and open your airway for improved breathing and reduction in snoring.

Dental Anxiety

Experience Comfortable, Anxiety-Free Dental Appointments
Dental anxiety can put your oral health at risk. You can experience dental procedures without fear through a variety of solutions.
Simple sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can help you relax. Other solutions include a prescription medication that you can take prior to your appointment to enable you to relax during treatment.

Bone Grafts

A Solution for a Common Dental Implant Problem
Lack of adequate bone tissue can prohibit implant treatment. A bone graft enables your dental implant procedure to succeed.
Bone can be obtained from other available areas in your body such as your chin or upper and lower jawbone or from a donor. Your bone graft is placed and allowed to adapt and heal prior to continuing your implant placement or other related treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry

Peace of Mind for Your Children’s Dental Care
Dr. Chan uses his general dentistry expertise to provide your child basic dental care. He is prepared to refer certain procedures and treatment to a selected pediatric dentist when necessary.
Pediatric dentistry is a specialty that treats your child’s teeth throughout specific phases of their development. Their care can begin at infancy and continue through the teenage years and early adulthood.