October 2021 Newsletter

October is one of our favorite months of the year! The leaves are changing colors, nights are cool, and pumpkin spice is in the air! We also celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month, release our much anticipated End of the Year Special, and start our holiday charity drives for those less fortunate in our community. 

National Dental Hygiene Month

This month is dedicated to promoting healthy mouths all across the country, and celebrating the hard work your favorite dental hygienist does! Our favorite dental hygienist, Jennifer, is implementing the following new protocols to maximize your dental hygiene based on some specific dental needs that she sees every day:

  • Routine blood pressure wellness checks- at leastonce a year for all patients. The American Heart Association provides the following graphic chart to determine healthy and unhealthy blood pressure readings. Jennifer will document and review your reading with you. Dr. Chan may refer you to your primary care physician if your blood pressure reading is abnormal.

Jennifer will recommend that you be seen every 3-4 months for a dental cleaning if you have the following:

  • Dental implants- you most likely have not heard of a very serious condition that can occur if you do not properly take care of your dental implants. Peri-implantitis is a condition that affects patients who have had dental implant procedures done. It starts as a bacteria that forms in the gums around the implant. It causes damage to the gums and teeth around it.Some common symptoms include pain around the dental implant area, swollen lymph nodes, bad taste in your mouth, bleeding at the gum line, and slight movement of your dental implant. In order to prevent this, Jennifer will recommend you come in for a dental cleaning every 3-4 months.
  • Compromised health- do you have diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, artificial joints, or risk of stroke? If so, a healthy mouth free from bacteria is most important to maintaining your overall health. Bacteria in the mouth can travel to any system or organ in your body, putting you at an increased risk of complications and further illness. 

End of Year Specials

October brings the start of our end of the year countdown. Most insurance benefits expire on December 31, so remember to “Use it or Lose it”. Utilize your remaining insurance benefits and HSA/FSA withholdings by letting us help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile! From October 1 until December 22, 2021, take advantage of the following treatment discounts:

15% OFF out-of-pocket expenses $1000.00 and up

10% OFF out-of-pocket expenses $500.00-999.99

GLOScience Teeth Whitening: 499.00 Bundle Deal

Invisalign: 750.00 OFF*

*You must have records taken and aligners ordered no later than December 21, 2021. Minimum deposit of 1850.00 required at records appointment. In-office financing and Care Credit financing available. 

Manna Food Center Food Drive

Manna is the primary food bank that serves Montgomery County residents. Each year we make it our mission to provide donations to ensure everyone in our community can enjoy the holidays without going hungry. Please join us by bringing food or cash donations when you attend your dental appointment in the months of October and November. Manna accepts cash and food donations. Below is a list of most needed items:

Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween!

Safe Trick-or-Treating Tips recommended by the CDC
  • Avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters
  • Give out treats outdoors, if possible
  • Set up a station with individually bagged
    treats for kids to take
  • Wash hands before handling treats
  • Wear a mask
Fun Can Be Safe

We look forward to seeing
you soon!

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